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Du lundi au vendredi : 08:30 - 17:00

Du 6 au 8 Septembre 2017 - STRASBOURG

INSPIRE Conference 2017

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From 6th to 8th September the INSPIRE Conference 2017 will be the place to meet and discuss the progress reached so far in the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive and to examine new opportunities and possibilities for accelerating the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive by 2020.

Whether you work in a public or a private sector, you should not miss the strategic themes of the conference, the excellent speakers of the plenaries and the important application topics of the workshops. During the 5-days Conference, representatives of the public and private sector will elaborate how to „INSPIRE a digital Europe: Thinking out of the box“, to manage the challenges in the implementation and to learn from the achievements of the neighbors!

Accompanied by a technical exhibition, the INSPIRE Conference 2017 will offer an unique dialogue with applicators from the private sector, a superb networking dinner, many further opportunities for networking with colleagues and innovative implementation solutions!


Lieu de l'événement, organisateur et contact
Place de Bordeaux
Dates et horaires
Du 6 au 8 Septembre 2017
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