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Le 4 Octobre 2018 - STRASBOURG

How new technologies could change the patent business ?

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Automatic language processing, Big data, Artificial Intelligence : they offer a broad scope of potential applications in the IP area.

How to get prepared to these future changes and take advantage from the opportunities they represent ?


Artificial Intelligence is seen as the 4th industrial revolution. Do these obvious technological changes mean a major upheaval in the IP business ? How to react to the challenges ?


Beyond the hype and the buzz word, you are invited to share your thoughts about this possible future with a panel of experts involved in all the aspects of patent processing.


This unique meeting is jointly organized by the CNCPI (the French patent Attorney Association), INPI, IEEPI (European Institute for Entreprise and Intellectual Property) and the Alsace Eurometropole Chamber of Commerce and Industry within the context of the nuit du Droit (The Night of the Law, https://www.lanuitdudroit.fr/).



#Intellectual property #technological changes
Lieu de l'événement, organisateur et contact
10 place Gutenberg
Organisateur : INPI Alsace
Contact(s) :
Mr BORNE Philippe
Dates et horaires
Le 4 Octobre 2018
De 17h00 à 20h30

October 4 2018 from 5:00pm until 8:30 pm

Welcome from 4:30 pm

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